We're a Boston-based Ruby on Rails development shop

Barbershop Labs is a small team of technology veterans who have led software and product development efforts for both startups and established brands.

Our expert developers leverage modern technologies and proven methodologies to build world-class web and mobile apps.

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Technologies we

We're experts in, and deeply passionate about, the following technologies:

Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Angular.js.

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Handlebars, Bootstrap, FlatUI.

Databases: Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

Mobile: PhoneGap, iOS development, jQuery Mobile, Ruby Motion.

TDD: Rspec, Test::Unit, MiniTest

Our blog

Screw TDD

For those who know me, have worked with me, or have suffered through one of my rants, it will come as no surprise that I despise the notion of TDD
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